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{HACKED} Best Clash Of Clans Private Server Apk Download 2018

Written by CocBases

How many of you are using the Clash Of Clans Private server apk? They are really very much cool as they are much way advanced than the orginal Clash Of Clans game.

Actually I can’t stop playing them after downloading them. The vibe is not complete neutral till now, and I am yet to share the list of best Clash Of Clans Private servers apks which can be downloaded from our site.

To be exact, these Clash of clans private servers apks are the best till date which I have experienced all together. They are very much frequently updated, simple, and easy to understand as the real clash of clans game is.

So without further ado, let’s just dive into the list of best coc private server apks. I hope you all will enjoy it.

But, before we start…

What Are Clash Of Clans Private Servers

Most of you might have always wished about how to get unlimited gold, unlimited elixirs and gems without doing anything with the game. Anyways, you can’t really do or achieve that in the real clash of clans game. Because that is impossible to get those on the real game, and you know that very well.

That is where the private servers come into the action.

Clash Of Clans private servers are those servers which manage and host the modded ( Modified ) version of Clash Of Clans on their servers. COC Players can do any sort of activity like collecting unlimited golds, elixirs, and as well as unlimited gems too from the modded game which are on private servers. And that is possible because of Clash Of Clans mods are managed on the private servers and not controlled by the Supercell.

The great thing is that whenever you run out of the elixirs, golds or gems provided by the private servers, you just need to restart the game once. Those storages will automatically filled upon restarting. And this is all what players need.

How Do COC SERVER APK Works? ( How To Hack )

Basically the existing clash of clans is hacked (modified) by pro hackers and they are managed on private servers as like as supercell.

As you can see, the game functionalities are totally same, but the modification is done keeping in mind to provide unlimited gold, elixir and gems to its players in the private server apk.

The servers which I am going to describe here are the best of their own and totally free. You don’t have a waste a single penny on the golds, elixirs and most importantly Gems.

Let’s know about them gradually, so that you can save the precious time of yours which will go waste in the real game. They are absolutely cool and you will love to use them.

Popular Servers For Clash Of Clans

Here are the best private servers arranged for you btw. 😍

There are quite a lot of dedicated private servers available for coc, but most of them don’t work properly. We have tried our best testing them one by one, and here are the top 4 coc private servers which are working fine and ready to try instantly.


FHX is may be the best working clash of clans private server till now which has

Clash Of Magic

Clash Of Lights

DarkSoul CoC




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